Instruction for stain Removal

Rio maintains its long-lasting beauty with simple soap and water

The following treatments are recommended for localized stans:

Beer, egg, milk, cream To be treated in neutral detergent solution, rinsing.
Blood Neutral detergent solution, dried up stains to be treated several times.
Fruit juice, fruits, vegetables,jam, jelly, syrup, ketchup, coffee, tea To be washed in neutral detergent solution, disclosurations to be treated, with citric acid, well rising.
Cacao, Chocolate To be rubbed with washing paste, rinsing with water.
Chewing-gum Swelling with ethyl alcohol (colourless liquid), to be removed mechanically.
Ballpoint pens, felt-tip pen, lipstick, shoe polish, oil, fat To be dissolved with ethyl alcohol (colourless liquid), dabbing, posttreatment with detergent solution, rinsing.
Mustard, wine, liquour To be washed in detergent solution, treatment with citric acid, well rinsing.

Washing Instruction: